Is It Still Day?

Port in Air performs Samuel Beckett.


Directed by Astrid Kröse, Lily McLeish, and Jochen Molitor respectively, Port in Air presents three plays by Samuel Beckett, "Catastrophe", "Footfalls", and "Rough For Theatre I" in Cologne's Severins-Burg-Theater.


In "Catastrophe," a despotic director has his protagonist stripped down to an utter lack of independence. "Footfalls" presents an isolated woman who cannot overcome her mother's death and the losses of her own past. "Rough for Theatre I" outlines the love and hate of two men facing a nameless void.


"IS IT STILL DAY?" is the first Port in Air production to be presented in the Severins-Burg-Theater. Theatre director Gerd Buurmann is a former member of our ensemble.


For legal cooperation, we thank Samuel French, Inc., London.


For the marvellous pictures of our dress rehearsal, to be seen in our gallery, we thank Rolf Franke and Wolfgang Weimer.

Ensembles & Crew



Julia Freihoff (May)

Sarah Freihoff (May)

Kerstin Reinthal (May)

Carol Laidler (Woman's Voice)


Director: Lily McLeish




Steve Bonde ("Protagonist")

Lea Kaiser ("Female assistant")

Niklas Schulz ("Director")


Director: Astrid Kröse


Rough for Theatre I


Samuel Horn (B)

Tim Mrosek (A)


Director: Jochen Molitor




Lighting in all productions: Henning Vahlbruch


Layout flyer & programme: Samuel Horn


Presse: Elena Martins